LAPD email appears to show brass ordering arrests to avoid bad press: report

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LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith sent an email to cops last month appearing to order more arrests of illegal animal traffickers in order to avoid bad press, an NBC Los Angeles investigation found.

An internal email mistakenly sent by a Los Angeles Police Department commander to a local news station appears to show the officer ordering his cops to makes more arrests in order to avoid bad press.

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith sent the memo to officers last month after NBC Los Angeles reporters asked for stats on how many arrests the department had made for illegal animal trafficking.

A 2011 law made it a crime to sell animals on the street.

But a recent NBC Los Angeles hidden camera investigation found people openly selling pet rabbits in downtown L.A.

The LAPD held a news conference in October vowing to crack down on the bunny black market.

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